Whole30 Round 5

Today I am starting my fifth Whole30! If you don’t know about the Whole30 program you should check out Whole30.com for more information. The Whole30 is a “reset” of sorts based on eliminating foods that can have a negative health impact.

Lindsey and I started our first Whole30 nearly three years ago. I remember it quite vividly as it happened during our first anniversary and we had to figure out how to eat at a restaurant while sticking with the program. Back then I wrote a daily blog about the foods we ate and how I felt; you can check that out at whole30life.com.

Why am I doing another Whole30? There are multiple reasons for me to do it again. It makes sense to hit the reset button every so often just to make sure I am eating as healthy as I can. The most important reason for me this time, though, is that I look a little different than I did a year ago. I can hear my college buddies saying to me right now… “you sure don’t look like you have already done four Whole30s!” That is to say…I’ve put on a couple of “l-bs” since our baby came along.

Kids will do that to you. They will change your life in a drastic way. We don’t get more time in the day, even with the added responsibilities that come along with parenting. That usually means something has to give. Unfortunately for me, I have unintentionally chosen my diet as one of those areas that I put less focus on.

Our original meal planning before our 1st Whole30...while eating pizza!
Our original meal planning before our 1st Whole30…while eating pizza!

Lindsey and I used to have time to be concerned about our diet. We would often go grocery shopping together each Sunday and plan out meals for the coming week. Sunday afternoons were reserved for weekly meal prep, [football], and thinking through logistics of how we could ensure we were eating healthy.

Each evening we would come home from work, spend time together preparing our meals, and then sit down and eat together. And we had each other as a support system to be an encouragement as well as an accountability partner when those chocolate chip cookies would fall off the shelf and into our grocery cart at Publix (does this ever happen to anyone else??).

These days things look a bit different, though. One of us is always rushing to daycare to pick up Ashleigh before they close. As soon as she gets home, it’s time for her to eat. And if she doesn’t get to eat, well, the entire neighborhood will hear about it. When she is done eating, there isn’t a lot of time left before it’s bath time and then bed time for Ashleigh, and soon after for us. In between all that we try to find a few minutes to shovel food into our mouths so that we don’t go to bed hungry. But days where we can cook gourmet meals are few and far between.

Steak is definitely allowed on the Whole30.
Steak is definitely allowed on the Whole30.

That’s why I have decided that it’s time to hit reset.

So i’ll be that guy eating chicken and sweet potatoes in his office everyday for the next 30 days. Stop by and say hi; and maybe bring some coffee with you – I am going to need it!

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