What color is your poop?

For years we have had couple friends who would tell each other how often their dogs pooped. We never understood it. Our cat certainly receives more attention than most children do, but to be consumed by the food exiting an animal was just a foreign idea to us.

But we get it now.

Every time I change a diaper I feel like the Inspector General as I closely examine what our baby girl ate just a few hours prior. How much was there? What color was it? Was it wet too? And what if she pees while I am changing her; does that count as two wet diapers?

It’s consuming. And it can be embarrassing.

I have quickly learned that as a [good] parent, you feel directly responsible for the actions of your children. One night a few weeks back we were going for a walk when we passed some neighbors at the community pool who wanted to meet her. We had a blanket laid over her in her car seat and as people inched up for a closer look, we pulled away the blanket to reveal a poop covered car seat. Embarrassed? Um…yeah.

Of course, she can’t help it. But that doesn’t make it easier.IMG_9665

I joked (but I am serious) that I wish we could get her potty trained now to avoid further mishaps and misfortunes. But at the same time, as weird as it sounds, I cherish these moments. Our daughter relies fully on me and Lindsey to take care of her in these first few months and years of her life. And one day that won’t be the case. So as messy as these days seem to be, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

We only get to see her at this age once, so bring on the messiest diapers you can – I’ll take care of them.

And there is a light at the end of this poop obsession. When I am older and can no longer make it to the bathroom on my own, I know my daughter will be there to change my diaper for me. And if she doesn’t, I have plenty of less than flattering photos to show her future husband…

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