The Nest is the Best

Still considering your baby monitor options? I spoke to some dad’s that I know to get their opinions on video monitor models, and I also did quite a bit of research on my own and discovered thousands of options. Some cameras pan and tilt, some cameras display video but don’t have audio, some cameras allow you to record, some cameras will notify you when there is noise; soon I bet there will be some that comfort the child when they are crying. If you research long enough, you will have no idea what to do. After reading review after review, I was getting to that point, so I stopped. I narrowed my choices down to the Nest and the Orb. Lucky for Nest Labs, Home Depot stocks the Nest Cam and therefore they got my money.

Best Decision…Ever.



Below are a few pictures of the camera.

What is amazing about this camera is, well, everything. The initial setup is as simple as it gets. The mounting takes about 30 seconds and uses a strong magnet which is simply genius. And then the camera itself is top notch, along with the interface it displays on your phone, or any other device that has an internet connection (read: in a year when your in-laws give you your first night away and your wife is worrying about the baby, you can log on at dinner, at the hotel, or wherever you end up, and see exactly what the baby is doing).










The app and the on-screen display are extremely user friendly and the picture is crisp. You can literally zoom in anywhere on the screen with just a finger tap; and there isn’t any exterior panning or tilting to make the zooming happen!


Here is that image zoomed in:

And here it is zoomed in even more:

On the audio front, the two way communication is both clear and has an appropriate volume. My only complaint if I have one at all would be on the audio side in that the two way communication function is only one-way at a time. Meaning, if you are talking into the room, you can’t hear what is going on until you have returned to listening mode on the app.


You can see from the pictures that I mounted ours on the wall in the corner of the room near the crib and it is angled in such a way that I can see the entire room. This is both a good and bad idea. Everything I have read says that you should make sure the cord is at least three feet away from the crib. Although ours runs up the corner of the wall a few feet away, the electrical outlet is only about a foot away from the crib where it plugs in. Since our baby won’t be able to reach the cord, I am not overly concerned yet. We will reevaluate as she gets older and determine if the camera needs to be moved.

As I mentioned earlier, this camera can literally zoom anywhere in the entire room, so as long as you have a view of the crib on the screen when you go to install it, you really can’t go wrong with where you place it. Just don’t put it IN the crib.

No matter where you mount it, though, be conscious of how to protect the cord. There are cord concealment kits that you can purchase to keep the wires enclosed and away from your baby. While working on the monitor, this is also a good time to check all other power cords (and any cord for that matter) and be sure they are at least three feet away from the crib. And don’t forget to get electrical outlet covers to plug into unused outlets.

One final reminder: if you give out the log-in credentials to family and friends, be sure you don’t have the breastfeeding area in view – that’s certainly a quick way to get yourself sleeping on the sofa if you forget.


  1. Amazing all of the options available these days in baby monitors ! When my kids were infants there was basically one kind ….it was so funny because it would pick up the neighbors phone conversations . Lol
    Love your blog…so professional .

    1. SCMD

      Thanks Lisa. I know exactly what you mean – my parents laughed when I showed them what we would be using since they had nothing like this when we were kids! Too funny that you could hear your neighbor’s phone conversations – I bet that was exciting at times! Appreciate the kind words, thanks for stopping by.

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