Paternity Leave

I get 47 days off from work to spend with Ashleigh! Check out how we are spending each day together below:

Day 1 – Brunch with mom…while Ashleigh slept!
Day 2 – Firehouse subs…while Ashleigh slept again!
Dad's favorite pizza place and the waterfront downtown on Day 3!
Day 3 – Dad’s favorite pizza place and the waterfront downtown
Ashleigh met Luke on day 4!
Day 4 – Ashleigh met Luke!
Day 5 - Celebrated Father's Day with Brunch at Datz and watched the US Open Championship!
Day 5 – Celebrated Father’s Day with Brunch at Datz and watched the US Open Championship!
Day 6 - She had to get her first shots. This was clearly the "before" picture.
Day 6 – She had to get her first shots. This was clearly the “before” picture.
Day 7 - Porch hangs brought to you by Crowder.
Day 7 – Porch hangs brought to you by Crowder.
Day 8 – Hanging out at R.E. Olds Park in Oldsmar
Day 9 – Taking our cat Molly to the Vet for a check-up
Day 10 – Ice cream at Twistee Treat
Day 11 – Hanging out at the mall while mom returns a few things. Thankfully the shopping bug isn’t in her yet!
Day 12 – Grocery shopping at Publix
Day 13 – Our first day unsupervised (mom went back to work) so we went where any father would take his daughter – The Home Depot, of course!
Day 14 – A trip to Petsmart to watch the fish!
Day 15 – We went to visit mom for lunch!
Day 16 – We are doing everything together on paternity leave; dentist appointment for dad!
Day 17 – We walked the Upper Tampa Bay Trail!
Day 18 – Ashleigh got to meet Sam and Ashley!
Day 19 – Ashleigh got to celebrate her first Independence Day!
Day 20 – Ashleigh is starting to learn how to play cards
Day 21 – Dolphin searching (no luck this time)
Day 22 – Had to buy a cheap palm sander for a project and Harbor Freight Tools had just what we needed
Day 23 – Went to the Apple Store in search of a new computer
Day 24 – We checked out the beach at Cypress Point Park
Day 25 – We walked along the Tampa Riverwalk with Mimi and Papa (I promise she is there!)
Day 26 – Hanging at the pool with mom
Day 27 – She LOVED the trip to Costco
Day 28 – Picked up her grandparents from the airport
Day 29 – Took a walk through the neighborhood with Grams
Day 30 – Went to Grams favorite restaurant, Boston Market
Day 31 – Ashleigh’s first road trip!
Day 32 – Ashleigh met my family and we ate at Big Daddy’s Bar-B-Que
Day 33 – She got her first “farm” experience at her Aunt and Uncle’s house
Day 34 – Baby girl fell asleep at Cracker Barrel but was an angel
Day 35 – The rain held off just long enough for us to get a walk in at the park with Grams on her last day with us
Day 36 – Took a trip to Barnes & Noble to look at a few travel books
Day 37 – Did some good people watching at Starbucks
Day 38 – Tried to go to the Plant Museum but we ran into a sign that said we had to leave the stroller on the veranda. This sleeping beauty wasn’t happy about that
Day 39 – Ashleigh got to meet Nate, Heather, and little Ethan
Day 40 – It was a rainy evening, which prevented us from walking outside, but not from getting milkshakes
Day 41 – This little beauty was the most popular person at the Post Office
Day 42 – She has been on a swing before, but not like this one
Day 43 – 1st trial-run at daycare. One of the smiles in this picture is fake. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the one from the little angel
Day 44 – Daycare trial-day 2. Ashleigh and I had a great talk before I took her in. I told her not to get too friendly with the boys in her room and to make it a goal to always stay in the same outfit she gets dropped off in
Day 45 – A walk on the boardwalk at Upper Tampa Bay Park
Day 46 – Lounging at the pool; only one more day 🙁
Day 47 – The last official day of my paternity leave. We ran numerous errands and got to check out some kittens! I am incredibly blessed to have spent these last 47 days with Ashleigh – what a gift! I have been able to learn what makes her happy, what makes her upset, how to help her fall asleep, and even how to make her smile. I am so lucky to be part of a firm that values family. And the best part about all of this is that Ashleigh isn’t going anywhere. I will still get to see her everyday when I get home from work!