How to Have a Baby in 45 Minutes

Our baby girl is here!!! Over the last several days we have already experienced both the joys and the sorrows of childbirth; there have been some tough moments, but nothing compares to the excitement we have after meeting our baby girl on Monday morning.

Each of the last five days feels like a story all on its own. If you are already a parent, than you know the feeling we had on Monday at 12:45 AM when our beautiful baby girl looked directly at us while taking her first breath in this world. What an incredible miracle Ashleigh is and how privileged we are that God chose us to be her parents.

We are blessed to have walked out of the hospital less than 48 hours after entering with a clean bill of health for both mom and baby.

To say that Ashleigh wanted to be here now is an understatement. Many of our friends have asked to hear the story of her birth and we have attempted to share the details, but so much of it is a blur. I can imagine that during a normal labor things seem to move fast, but with Ashleigh, she came at lightning speed!

On Sunday morning we got up and went to church just like any other Sunday followed by brunch at a local diner. Lindsey had commented about some pains she was having off and on, but did not at all believe that they were contractions because “they felt different than expected.” They had actually started the previous night but they were very irregular and didn’t seem like anything to worry about.

So after brunch we headed out to the pool and stayed there till around 3 PM. By this time, Lindsey was having more pains but was still not convinced it was contractions. We began timing the pains around 5 PM to see if there was a pattern to gauge whether or not they might indeed be contractions. Timing showed they were lasting about 30 seconds on average and happening every 3-5 minutes. They were definitely contractions!

The thing to understand about my wife is her pain tolerance is, well, higher than mine. She has always been tough, she is extremely athletic, and doesn’t complain…at all. So when the contractions moved to about a minute long around 9:30, she still seemed to be dealing with them well. Once we hit 10:30 with the same rhythm and length, it was time to call the doctor. A 10:45 call to the answering service yielded an 11:30 call back. By then we were getting in the car and heading to the hospital.

We made it to the hospital around 11:55 PM and she was “admitted” (by my watch) at 12:02 AM. When the nurse screened her in the exam room, I could tell by her facial expressions alone that it was go-time. After a minute we heard her shout out to the nursing station – “she is at least 9, probably 9.5”. Thanks to Cathy and our birthing classes, I knew exactly what that meant. It meant Lindsey was almost fully dilated and this baby was ready to come!

And 45 minutes later…there she was in all her beauty!

I am still amazed that she is already here. The doctors expected her to be later than her due date, and this being our first baby, we expected to be in the labor and delivery room longer than…45 minutes.

So now the excitement, joy, sorrow, sleeplessness, and dirty diapers begins.

Welcome home Ashleigh!

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