Best Girl Ever Award


What a week it has been! My parents flew in from Pennsylvania last Tuesday morning and the focus has been keeping them and the baby entertained ever since!

Part of the reason my parents flew in this particular week was to travel with Lindsey, Ashleigh, and I to my brother’s house in Alabama. My nephew recently turned 16 and we were celebrating his leap into manhood with a “rite of passage” celebration. It was also a planned time to say our goodbye’s as they pack up their house and relocate to Alaska for the next 2-3 years for my brother’s latest military assignment. He just returned last month from a year deployment to South Korea, which makes this latest goodbye even harder.

Side note, if you haven’t seen his amazing “welcome home” that the Boston Red Sox had for him, check it out here

With Ashleigh barely three months old, you can imagine the anxiety we had bringing her on a road trip that amounted to seven hours in the car each way. We haven’t done more than about an hour in the car with her at any given time up to this point. But we knew that it was important for my brother and his family to meet Ashleigh, and to be there to celebrate with Ryan. And as a bonus, my brother and his family have quite the collection of farm animals in their backyard, so we knew she would get her first experience on a “farm”. So we made the decision to go.


Because we would be leaving on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday evening, the 48 hours we would be gone, to us, meant that we could pack light – we wouldn’t need the crib; just everything else in her room. I am joking, of course; sort of, anyway.

So Friday afternoon came, and with the Highlander packed to capacity, we got on the road. AND ASHLEIGH WAS AMAZING. Seriously. She barely fused the entire way. We stopped about half way to fuel up and stretch our legs, and then two hours before arrival we stopped at heaven on earth (Chick-fil-A) for dinner. We did have quite the mess to deal with when we arrived at the restaurant, which took a few minutes to clean up, but otherwise the trip was incident free. We arrived safely at my brother’s house; and it was an hour earlier than it would have been at home since we crossed the time zone.


It was WAYYYY passed Ashleigh’s bedtime so it was just a quick hello to those still up and then she ate and we put her to bed. And my goodness, even with all the changes to her schedule, that little girl slept through the night and woke up at her normal time (an hour earlier of course). On Saturday she got to meet her Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and a few other family members and she continued to be on her best behavior. Her eating schedule was off, her naps weren’t in order, and yet she was a happy baby and slept through the night again on Saturday.

Sunday morning we woke up and after a bit more time together, we said our goodbyes and we were back on the road. And yet again, Ashleigh was an angel. We made a stop for gas, another stop for lunch, and it was only after about six hours in the car did we pull over because she was tired and letting us know. A few minutes of holding her put her right to sleep and we got back in the car and made it home without another peep.

Therefore, because she was such an angel the entire weekend, even with a screwed up schedule and spending 14 hours in the car, her mother and I have awarded her the BEST GIRL EVER AWARD!

For those of you that may have given this award to your daughter in the past, I know Ashleigh will carry on the torch and make you all proud!

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