ergobaby Baby Carrier

I absolutely love hand-me-downs, especially when it comes to kids things. If you are anything like me, you are in shock at how much these babies cost. This particular baby carrier that Lindsey and I have came from her sister and it is still practically new. You can go buy it right now on ergobaby for $120. That right there is 120 reasons why I love hand-me-downs.

You should probably take my opinion on this one with a grain of salt because I haven’t tested out a baby in the carrier yet. However, I think I tried out something comparable…

Up until we found out we were pregnant there was one thing that consumed our daily conversations and our camera roll, and that’s Molly. Molly is our eight-year-old, 18 pound cat. Molly takes up a lot of space at 18 pounds and is larger than our baby will be for…months. She is also really scared of just about everything. So I decided to see how she would fare in the baby carrier. Not only did she fit, but it kept her relatively still, and it was surprisingly quite comfortable carrying her around. ergobaby has done a great job designing this carrier so that the weight of the “baby” is evenly distributed across your body and doesn’t tug on one area versus another. There is plenty of padding in the shoulders as well. It also comes with a hood in case you want to cover up your baby for a nap while keeping them strapped on.


Overall I give this a thumbs up. If the baby comes and my opinion changes, I will be sure to revise this review!

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