Another Milestone Reached

Over the last couple of weeks we began solid foods with Ashleigh. It seems like just yesterday we were announcing to the world that she was born and now she is almost six months old. My paternity leave and times of spending weekday adventures with her are long gone. Now I try to jam-pack the weekends with as much quality time with her as I can get.

It is incredible to watch the wheels spinning in her head as she learns new things each day. She has moved on from inspecting her hands to inspecting everything around her now that she understands her hands and fingers are under her power to control. As she continues to develop, we want to make sure she is getting the best possible nutrition she can. She has been strictly breastfed since she arrived, so giving her cereal has been an adjustment on all of us, but an exciting one no less. If you missed the first time we gave her food, you can watch the video here.


One of our outings this last weekend was a trip to Walmart to check out the cereals that they have. After doing some research, we learned about the importance of iron to help support infant development and found out that Gerber cereals is an iron-fortified cereal. If you have been around me and Lindsey for any amount of time, or read my recent Whole30 update, then you know that we are pretty health conscious. It was great to see in the aisle that Gerber cereals is offered in organic varieties and non-GMO so that we can ensure we are providing Ashleigh with good quality food.


Starting the transition has been easy so far. We are beginning with rice cereal and then we will move on to oatmeal. We still use breast milk and just mix it in with the Gerber cereal, and then on to pureed fruits and veggies!

Thank goodness for Lindsey because as a dad, I have no clue about any of this and it seems like it is second nature for her. But just like everything else with Ashleigh, I am excited to learn and play an active role in all of it. If you want to get a leg up and surprise your spouse, go grab a box of the rice cereal to start with. It will be hard to miss as you walk down the baby aisle in Walmart. For more information on Gerber Cereals, click here.


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